An Australian Based Cardano Staking Pool

Already know of Cardano and just want to stake your ADA?

Our ticker symbol is: HAIRY

How can I stake my ADA?

We recommend the use of of either the DAEDALUS or YOROI wallet.

Why stake with Hairy Staking?

If you are looking for an Australian based Staking Pool (hosted out of Sydney) with a support team with a combined IT experience of 30+ years, you can be confident that our pool will be always be ready to mint.


Do you have some questions about staking ADA?

The Cardano site has a great FAQ that should answer all of your questions.

Our team

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Pool Ticker: HAIRY
Pool ID: 43a92030961c6d68bcde62be938a53abd9d97e90101ee2bb7b5a60ab